Thursday, January 2, 2014

Charlton Colorization!

Here for your viewing pleasure are some utterly fantastic renderings of comics which might have been. These are two unpublished Steve Ditko masterpieces originally scheduled for the end of his runs on Blue Beetle and Captain Atom, but which didn't see publication until the good folks at CPLGang showcased them in their publications celebrating the Derby publisher.

Scott Dutton of Catspaw Dynamics is responsible for taking this raw Ditko art and making some blazingly beautiful "what if" covers, some blasts from the past-which-was-not-but-we-wish-had-been.

Love seeing the "Big Red C" glowing again in all its over-sized glory, if only in the grand fan creations. If you'd like to read the complete Blue Beetle adventure go here. To check out the story behind the Captain Atom cover go here.

Rip Off


  1. That Captain Atom cover is so awesome!

  2. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for posting these!

  3. Both of these stories appear in DC's Action Heroes Archives vol. 2 in black & white. However, the cover they use for the Captain Atom story is the CPLGang Charlton Bullseye cover.

  4. Two of my favourite heroes along with the Question a brilliant set of stories Captain Atom 80-90, Blue Beetle 1-6 and last but no means least Mysterious Suspense 1 shame they went but they did go out on a great big high!


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