Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Mouse Of Color!

Fantagraphics continues to impress with their ongoing reprints of Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse comic strips from the 30's and beyond. Just in time for the holiday season, they've released the two-volume collection of Gottfredson's Color Sundays comics work featuring the Mouse and his cohorts as they gambol across the pages and the ages having wild adventures and pulling off wild gags. 

If you don't see yourself wanting to get bogged down with the ongoing black and white Mickey adventures by Gottfredson, these color gems produced over seven years are a wonderful peek into what all the hubbub was about. Actually there's not enough early Gottfredson Mickey work to fill two volumes so the second features his work from later decades and with other Disney characters such as the Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Available in a handsome and sturdy slipcase, this is best way to get these gems. They cost a bit more, but not much more than the individual volumes and the slipcase makes displaying and keeping them much easier, at least it does for me.

These are beautiful comics, backed up with detailed and informative background information by people who both love the charcters, the comics, and know of what they speak.

This one gets my highest recommendation.

Rip Off

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  1. I would happily get "bogged down" with Floyd Gottfredson's daily Mickey Mouse strips as well as these color Sundays, but that is because I have been a big fan of Gottfredson's work since Gladstone Comics reintroduced them back in 1986.


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