Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Thing For Godzilla!

This is arguably my favorite Godzilla poster. I love the look of Godzilla in this one, rather similar actually to the revised version used in the generally sniped at 90's remake. I rather liked that one to be honest, though I can see why the devoted might be miffed. But the poster above is a magnificent ad, showcasing Godzilla's massive size as well as safely keeping hidden the true nature of "The Thing" also known as Mothra. To be fair to moviegoers, a giant moth doesn't seem to be the type of foe which would give "Big G" much grief. As it turns out though, this is one of the neatest of the classic Godzilla movies, my favorite aside from the original, because of its heart. It's transitioning into the more absurd, is already there in many respects, but still clings to a sense of actual tension. I used to see this one regularly on television, always a staple on the all-night Halloween film fests a local station ran each year.

Here's the original artwork by Reynold Brown for this poster, and you can see Godzilla unencumbered by outsized punctuation in this one. For more on Reynold Brown, check out this link which will take to the first part of a nifty documentary about his life titled "The Man Who Drew Bug-Eyed Monsters". He did that sure, some of my absolute faves, and likely yours too.

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