Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Lost City!

The Lost City is a 1935 independent movie which pitted a stalwart hero against a mad scientist on the Dark Continent. The relative unknown of Africa is the setting of this twelve-part serial film starring Kane Richmond and George (Not-Yet-Gabby) Hayes. The big name on the all the advertising is Willaim "Stage" Boyd, who plays the depraved villain Zolok. If you want to check out this movie see this link.

I forget now when I first became aware of it, but it seemed at the time similar to the later Flash Gordon, a favorite of mine, and so I took a gamble and picked up the VHS tapes. It's surely a product of its time, filled with run-of-the-mill racism and oh-so-typical sexism, but nonetheless is a full-blooded adventure in the grand old style.

What I did not know until recently was that the movie had been adapted to comics form in 1941, several years after the film first showed up on screens. I can find evidence of two installments in two comics from Great Comics Publications.

The first installment appeared in the third and final issue of Great Comics.

And was followed by a second installment in the third and final issue of Choice Comics. No further installments were published, at least none I can locate. Neither can I find any credits for the artwork or script.

If anyone knows more, please give me a heads up.

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