Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bolt From The Blue!

Joe Simon
One of the big draws of Titan Books recent Science Fiction installment of their Simon and Kirby Library is the inclusion of the very first superhero which the dynamic duo worked on for Novelty Press. Blue Bolt's history can be read here and here. For Joe Simon and Jack Kirby this character was the genesis. Here are the Blue Bolt covers featuring the titular hero, only one alas by the classic Simon and Kirby team. 

Joe Simon
W.E. Rowland
W.E. Rowland
Jack Kirby and Joe Simon
Most of these stories were included in this offbeat reprint collection from Verotik Comics back before the millennium. It's a handsome collection, but doesn't include stories which pre-date the Simon and Kirby teaming.

The Titan volume does just that, giving the fan all the Blue Bolt material that Joe Simon worked on before he tagged the great Jack Kirby to become his partner.

That alone might make this tome worth the price of admission. It's filled with much much more. These books from Titan are among the best bargains in the comics universe right now.

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