Monday, July 8, 2013

Too Many #@&! Comic Books!

I have too many doggone comic books! It's a pitiful complaint to make, but sadly it's true.

I went to find the Sword of the Atom trade I bought a few years ago and I had to bust through nearly half the boxes in my over-crowded back bedroom to find it, and that was on the second attempt. I was exhausted after the first attempt and had to rest a bit before I tried again. I found it, and read and enjoyed it (review upcoming), but it was too hard to find. I need to clear out the stuff I haven't looked at in a decade or longer. It's just sitting there, soaking up room and offering up no value whatsoever.

Sadly, I know that much of what I have is largely worthless in the resale market, but nonetheless I need to bite the bullet and begin to move it out. I have some time today and and maybe it's time at long last to begin the great shift. It has to happen, regardless of the value I can reap on the other side.

I spend all my time with trades and collections these days.  I rarely read an individual comic book, and in fact Popeye is the only regular book I get still. It's time to begin. Wish me luck.

Rip Off


  1. I'm moving into a new apartment at the end of the month and it has less closet space so I may be forced to trim my collection too. But I hate to part with any comics no matter what they are.

    1. I've traded away comics a few times in the past and I've sometimes regretted it, but alas it has to happen or my poor wife might be overwhelmed by the sheer bulk if I were to ever shuffle off this mortal coil. It's better to get some value from them now, and save some money on trades and stuff than just hold onto books I own a few times over.

      There are some books I'll never trade away, such as my Charltons and some key Marvels, but a lot of stuff just has to go. So much is available in Essentials and Showcase format that it's easier to have the stories at hand there.

      Rip Off


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