Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mark Of Infinity!

This French comic book cover image of Mark Moonrider, the leader of Jack Kirby's offbeat kid gang The Forever People at once looked familiar and unfamiliar to me. This clearly seems to be a Kirby image, inked by Vince Colletta, but I don't recollect Moonrider in this pose. Then it struck me.

Someone has taken this poster image of The Infinity Man, the superhero the Forever People change places with from time to time and flipped it left to right and then altered the image to resemble Mark Moonrider. That's what has been done. The question is why someone would go to the trouble to fabricate a image of Moonrider, not a character which I'd thought garnered much specific fan interest, at least not more than his fellow Supertown hipsters.

That can be evidenced by the fact, that though Mark Moonrider is on the other issues of this French comic of sundry DC reprints, he's not much featured, at least no more so than Beautiful Dreamer or Serifan. In fact Big Bear seems to be the focus on these two.


Rip Off


  1. Seems like it would have been just as easy to draw a new picture or find a suitable image that didn't need such alteration. Weird!

    1. You'd think so. I imagine though they wanted to keep that fantastic background.

      Rip Off

    2. Probably so...but any of the other covers would have been more dramatic than some dude standing awkwardly amid space-swirls! Although there is a cool WTF factor to it.


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