Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Green Team!

Here's a revival I never saw coming. DC is bringing back The Green Team, a gang of kid millionaires created by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti for an early installment of 1st Issue Special. These were Richie Riches who joined forces to help humanity across the globe. The series lasted all of one issue though another did manage to creep into the legendary Cancelled Comic Cavalcade.

Now the Simon and Grandenetti creations are being revived in an upcoming comic which examines the Occupy Wall Street movement from the perspective of the ultra-wealthy, the one percent if you will and the less well off, everyone else or the ninety-nine percent. The two series are titled The Green Team and The Movement. Here are some more details.

I'm frankly surprised that Jack Kirby's 1st Issue Special offering The Dingbats of Danger Street wasn't tapped for a role in "The Movement", or maybe they were. The title "Dingbat" wouldn't go over well I'd imagine. These impoverished Kirby urchins do seem to be the natural counterparts to ultra-rich Green Team.

Rip Off


  1. I've been reading Kirby's Jimmy Olsen so maybe it should have been the Newsboy Legion?

    1. They would work too, at least the originals would. The second generation of Newsboys from the Project were raised a bit differently, not so deprived.

      Isn't Jimmy Olsen by Kirby an absolute hoot! Love that book!

      Rip Off


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