Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skull The Slayer!

Gil Kane and Al Milgrom

I was going to write about one of Marvel's most underrated Bronze Age comics, Skull the Slayer but then I found this wonderful vintage link from the Groovy Agent. He offers up a very full overview of the series, and shares his adoration for a series which had huge potential. In addition there's the first full Skull the Slayer story (love Steve Gan's artwork on this--see the splash above). There are lots of other details to boot. So check it out and enjoy.

For my part, I love time-lost stories. Land of the Lost remains a nostalgic fave, despite the recent and horrific big screen adaptation. Skull always seemed a bit like LotL on steroids to me. Also after Wolfman's departure from the series, Steve Englehart took over. He has not very nice things to say about his tenure on the book, but I liked it. It seemed like Skull was one of those books everyone in the Bullpen worked on at some point.

Here's a cover gallery of the Skull the Slayer appearances.

Gil Kane and Tom Palmer

Ron Wilson and Frank Giacoia

Rich Buckler and Dan Adkins

Rich Buckler and Dan Adkins

John Buscema and Mike Esposito

Ron Wilson and Klaus Janson

Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia

The series is cancelled, but the storyline eventually wraps up in these issues of Marvel Two-In-One.

Ernie Chan

Ernie Chan

Rip Off

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  1. Looks like a fun series! Here's hoping Marvel decides to release in trade paperback one of these days.


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