Monday, February 4, 2013

Sentinels Of Justice!

Bob Layton

Sal Buscema

Bob Layton offers up a very handsome commission piece featuring the Charlton "Action Heroes" in poses made iconic on the Sal Buscema cover for The Defenders #9, part of the 1973 summer event "The Clash", in which the up and coming Defenders battled The Avengers for possession of the Evil Eye, a plot concocted by the twin villainy of Dormmamu and Loki.

Layton had to invent locations for The Question and Sarge Steel, but Judomaster, Captain Atom, and Blue Beetle all find a proper role to play. Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt gets the ignominious task of facing Shellhead's metal-fisted fury. All in all an exceedingly strong and handsome image.

For more Bob Layton beauty check out this link

Rip Off

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