Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Phantom Physique!

The Phantom's great run of Silver and Bronze Age comics began at Gold Key under the exciting cover above by George Wilson. Below is a look at the inside front cover, presumably by interior artist Bill Lignante.

It successfully and impressively presents The Phantom's classic origin and premise in a mighty few words.  The Phantom looks quite dramatic posed heroically, then I noticed something wasn't quite right.

The proportions on this figure are wildly off. The figure above the belt seems much larger than the figure below the belt. To put it bluntly, the Ghost Who Walks must do so on my spindly legs if this image is to be believed. Chalk it up to the traditional speed of production of the classic American comic book I guess.

To get a longer look at Lignante's work in this issue check out this link for the whole story.

Rip Off

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  1. Maybe he's 'The Ghost Who Walks.... on his knuckles' :-)


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