Friday, December 21, 2012

Robots And Martians And Ducks! Oh My!

As it turns out Rog-2000, the wonderful robot hero created by John Byrne is being dusted off and rolled out to meet the threat of invading Martians this coming year. While not being featured in an actual comic, Rog is getting a cameo of sorts on an "incentive cover" for the Zombies Vs. Robots one-shot.  "Incentive cover" translated means it will be hard to find and expensive to boot. I'd love to have one, but I won't pay a mint for the privilege.

Here's the image with more of its official trade dress. I love how Rog's personality shines through here, his reluctance to be he hero is evident by his mug and the way he cradles the bomb as if it were the last thing he wanted to hold. The "Expendable" sticker across his chest is suggestive of just what his mission might be. Nicely rendered.

And also nice while we're on the subject is this fantastic image of Rog-2000 having his noggin sliced off by Howard the Duck, courtesy of Frank Brunner. Brunner really does a great job in this vintage fanzine piece of capturing the way Byrne draws Rog.

We need more Rog-2000 in the world.

Rip Off


  1. We do indeed need more Rog-2000, Rip. I have no "in" with Byrne, though.

    1. Does anyone?

      The world needs more Rog-2000 and more E-Man. Those two strips could be fresh air in the current hermetically sealed comic book world which takes itself much much too seriously.

      Rip Off

  2. Agreed. Although the recently concluded "Rocketeer_Cargo of Doom" was a rip-roaring and not too serious tale.
    Also Michael T Gilbert needs a forum for more "Mr Monster" tales. Certainly more than the short ones that occasionally appear in DHP.


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