Thursday, November 15, 2012

Texas In Action!

There's this petition which Texans can sign requesting secession from the United States of America. Really? That's the card these "loyal citizens" want to play? That's the way "upstanding patriots" respond to the orderly and peaceful results of a national election? That's downright "Un-American"...oh wait, that's the point isn't it.

I'd love to see how long that "balanced budget" they tout remains intact when Texas has to pick up the bill for its own army, navy, and air force or meet the needs of its people when the next hurricane comes ashore.  I'd like to see if they can get admitted to the United Nations anytime soon. Or would they in their infinite wisdom eschew that den of communistic iniquity? I doubt the U.S. would allow an independent nuclear power on its border or its immediate vicinity (see Cuba). So suck on that you South-of-the-border wannabes!

They yell about how the state is the 15th largest economy in the world. So what, Mexico is the 14th! Get in line sons of the Lone Star. 

Some good things might come of it though. I could at long last quit hearing them whine about how good their lame ass barbecue is. Memphis baby! We could finally rid ourselves of the blight of Jerry Jones and his hapless Cowboys. "America's Team" would and once and finally be kaput.

Is there a petition I can sign as a U.S. citizen which requests that Texas be expelled from the union? Then I think I will at long last be ready to fully support the implementation of a reliable and  sturdy fence along the brand spanking new United States border. I don't want any of those pesky Texicans sneaking across to steal good American jobs.

Texas--get over yourself!

Rip Off


  1. I have a friend in Lubbock, but I'm certain he could get American citizenship and start a new life here. My worry would be whether Oklahoma could handle the influx of refugees. Not to mention those miles of unsecured border with New Mexico!

    1. Thanks for replying in satrical kind. I had to blow off a little steam when I read that folks actually wanted to secede because of the election. It's screwy. The liberal variation though is that everyone will move to Canada, so I guess it happens on both sides.

      Rip Off


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