Sunday, September 23, 2012

Victory Is Mine!

I spent a reasonably pleasant afternoon yesterday in downtown Cincinnati at the 2012 Cincinnati Comic Expo. This is the third one of these conventions and the second I have attended. The venue was ideal for a comics convention with lots of room by and large. The guest list was outstanding with Swamp Thing fans having a gaggle of artists assembled for the first and possibly last time. George Perez was in attendance and had a massive line the entire time I was there. Lots of small press folks, and scuds of vendors. A good blend of merchandise and memories.

I went mostly to see what back issue bargains I could find, and to meet Mike Royer, the inker on much of Jack Kirby's work in the 70's and 80's. I found him to be a friendly and garrulous chap more than willing to sign a ream of books and to share whatever was on  his mind. Meeting him was a real pleasure and he kindly signed my copy of Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers  #1, the very copy I bought off the stands so many years ago. He shared some stories about the lettering (the logo is his design) and seemed almost to want to spend a few minutes revisiting the comic.

I also got to meet a boyhood hero of mine, Steve Englehart, the writer of The Avengers, Captain America, Justice League of America and more. Unfortunately Steve seemed tired and mildly uncomfortable at the convention. To be frank I wouldn't have recognized him. I got him to sign a copy of The Avengers-Defenders Clash, a hardback I found for cheap, but he didn't seem to want to chat much.

After much  back issue searching, I came to the realization that I might just be done with back issues. I don't have hardly any issues I crave aside from a few Charltons here and there perhaps and frankly the idea of bringing in more to the house seems counterproductive. I might be finished with that side of the hobby.

What I did find were some great deals on trades, picking up four volumes of The Invaders for very small money. I also snagged a copy of Sword of the Atom, a vintage DC tale I've never ever read. The Gil Kane artwork looks outstanding!

All in all a great convention experience, and one in which I stayed within budget, always a challenge. A friend I went with also reported having a great time. Look forward to it again for next year.

Rip Off


  1. I felt the same way until this summer.There are still a few Treasuries, Super-Spectaculars and Giant-Size Marvels I'd like to get.

  2. There are still a few items, like Charlton Bullseye #2, but mostly I'm too far away from many sets to really spark the completist gene in me. Also, I find trades, especially cheap ones are much better reading experiences. It's just barely possible, that several years after giving up new comics, I'm about to give them all up, at least the floppies. The only one I get now is IDW's Popeye reprint.

    Rip Off

  3. I just haven't had the funds to keep up so there are still all kinds of comics I want that never made it to trades like West Coast Avengers and X-men the Hidden Years.

    Sorry that Englehart was disappointing I am surprised because he has been great over email. I mean I've probably sent him two or three emails in 5 years, but he always emails back and seems happy to answer my questions.

  4. I missed Steve Englehart completely and I was consciously looking for him with my map! I have to admit, the unexpected highlight for me was Mike Royer! Wow! Not at all what i was expecting--whatever that was. He was fantastic and much fun. He and my wife were cracking each other up with Winnie the Pooh jokes!

    Got to speak with some of my Facebook friends like Stephen Bissette and Dirk Manning.

    Like you, I came away having purchased very little and NO back issues. Prices were outrageous even on, say common, not particularly hot mid-seventies Whitmans.

    Still, overall, the best Cincy show yet!


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