Friday, August 10, 2012

Horrible Reception!

This vivid 1971 cover for Creatures on the Loose #13 (formerly Tower of Shadows) features the creamy work of "Mirthful" Marie Severin as she adapts and tries to punch up a bit a classic Kirby-Ayers cover. The story of the "Creature from Krogarr" is a fun bit of vintage sci-fi fun about how TV-watching can go horribly wrong. Check out this link for more. It's an oddball fable about not meeting your responsibilities and how that's a good thing really.

Tales to Astonish #25 from late 1961 is the issue in question and here the original Jack "King" Kirby and "Darlin'" Dick Ayers artwork can be seen in its somewhat more subdued form. As can be readily seen, Severin changed up the figure of the man and altered the angle of the television screen to maximize the impact of the cover.

Weird Wonder Tales #17 from the summer of 1976 is yet another presentation of this monstrous tale of alien invasion, and features an all-new cover with even more in-your-face punch by "Larrupin'" Larry Lieber and "Fearless" Frank Giacoia.

Of course when confronted by invading alien hordes, one can always change the channel to something somewhat less dangerous to the very fabric of the society. Or perhaps not.

Rip Off

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