Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Pair Of Aces!

This Joe Kubert cover image from Star-Spangled War #138 of the "The Hammer of Hell", the compelling DC WWI war hero Enemy Ace is a true classic.

So much of a classic that some enterprising fan got Herb Trimpe to re-imagine that iconic cover but using his own WWI flying ace, the Phantom Eagle.

I am a big fan of the Phantom Eagle, as Marvel Super-Heroes #16 was one of my very first comics. The vivid story by Gary Friedrich with the lush Herb Trimpe artwork is burned in my memory. It was one of the comics I read until the cover literally came off. I long ago replaced my copy and several years ago I was lucky enough to get both creators to sign it, along with a drawing of the hero by Trimpe. I talk about that in this post.

I wish I'd been clever enough to have a cover homage done like that above. It's exceedingly cool.

Rip Off

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