Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Story Of Jesus!

A true lover of comics reads whatever he or she can. I was hungry for comics as a kid, reading and absorbing each one that came into my ken. Marvel, DC, Charlton, Gold Key, Dell--they were all subject to my desire to experience the comic book.

I actually liked the Classics Illustrated comics I encountered, most were exceedingly well drawn and the painted covers were unlike most anything on comics at the time. They cost more, but they were sturdy.

One special comic which I got somehow, likely my Mom bought it for me, was Classics Illustrated #129-A, a special issue which detailed the life and death and rebirth of Jesus Christ as drawn by William Walsh and Alex Blum.

The Vic Prezio cover reminded me for all the world of the mural in my local church which showed a risen Jesus encountering his believers. It was a wondrous bit of artwork, a rolling mural which covered the back wall of the humble church, and the Jesus there was identical almost to the one on the cover of the Classics Illustrated comic.

I still have that comic book here somewhere, though for those who might want to sample it, Jack Lake Productions has created a modern reprint in hardcover. Here's a link.


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