Monday, April 9, 2012

The Last Statue On Earth!

Here is one of Jack Kirby's most iconic covers, the debut issue of Kamandi. The use of the partially submerged and tilting Statue of Liberty to instantly communicate the fall of society is a classic move, and brilliantly executed here by the King.

Here are the striking inked originals for this cover with all the dramatic cover copy all ready for colors.

And here is a pencil version before Mike Royer's inks for this classic image.

And the reader is not disappointed as inside this scene is given a two-page spread of epic scale to showcase the tragic scene.

The scene is a clear call back to this classic cinema moment when Charlton Heston's character Taylor discovers the truth about The Planet of the Apes. It's almost as if Kirby is saying that his tale of "Last Boy on Earth" will pick up where the vintage movie leaves off.



Or perhaps as some have speculated, the image is a shout out to Golden Age cover artist supreme Alex Schomburg who did at least two images of a ruined Liberty, one in the 50's and again in the early 60's.

John Bynre

Scott Kolins

Ryan Sook

But there's no doubt that classic Kirby image has inspired more than a few artists over the decades to do their own takes on the ravaged monument.

Rip Off

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