Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Mars Ballantine!

For nearly a decade during the 70's Gino D'Achille's rust-hued paintings defined the look of Barsoom on Ballantine's paperbacks. D'Achille, an Italian artist gave the Mars of Burroughs a grounded reality, a solid sense of really being an actual place in time and not just a fantasy. Not as bright and shiny or exotic as some, the quiet weirdness of some of D'Achille's paintings can be quite unsettling.

John Carter opens tomorrow, and frankly I'm quite excited to get this chance at last to visit Barsoom in the big theater! It should be a lot of fun.

I couldn't locate all the cover art, but it's been suggested if you put them end to end they form a single sprawling panorama of Carter and Barsoom. Here are the covers with their copy intact.

Rip Off


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