Monday, March 26, 2012

Dell Hall Of Heroes!

Nukla makes one other appearance outside his four-issue series for Dell, and that's as a statue in the "Dell Hall of Heroes" seen in the debut issue of Superheroes which came out from Dell a year or so after Nukla was cancelled and was drawn by Nukla creator Sal Trapani.

Nukla is an exhibit in the Hall and is seen by the four kids who will soon discover four android bodies which will enable them to become the heroes El, Hy, Crispy, and Polymer Polly.

Alongside Nukla is Kona, Monarch of Monster Island

and Toka, Jungle King.

If those kids had not gotten so fascinated by the four androids, they might've continued into other wings of the Hall of Heroes and found these Dell stalwarts.

And maybe in a wing dedicated to offbeat baddies even this guy.

The greatest field trip ever!

Rip Off


  1. really cool,the fab 4 super heroes intrigue me.
    I had a copy of that dracula comic when i was a child
    in that magic bag of first!

  2. The Superheroes comic is a product of the time for sure, and a fun read if you don't take your comics too seriously.

    I for one like the Dell Monster heroes, but I know that's a minority view.

    Rip Off

  3. Yes, the infamous Dracula/Frankenstein/Werewolf trilogy with horrid Tony Tallarico art!

    Anyway, when Acclaim/Valiant acquired the rights to several Western and Dell characters, they planned a Mystery Science Theater 3000 comic, which never got published. One of the comics they planned to riff was Brain Boy.


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