Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Strange Worlds Of Wood!

Based on the recommendations of various folks across the net, I picked this volume of Wally Wood stories up a few weeks ago. I have most of the stories already in one format or another, but the chance to get them in color was a treat, as well as the fact they are presented in the volume in chronological order. I love that historical approach to the presenting comics. Admittedly the overwhelming majority of these comics are from the single year of 1951.

Another treat in this volume is the outstanding pages by Jack Kirby and Wally Wood on Skymasters. This is a comic strip I don't own, but that's a situation I might have to rectify.

There's an elegance even to Wood's earliest work that shines out. Here's a gallery of the comics from which stories in the volume are taken. Not all the covers are by Wood.

Rip Off

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