Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Go Superpro!

Joe Jusko

NFL Superpro is the sort of comic that gets no respect from the fanboys. And frankly there's a lot of reasons it shouldn't, but I remember this NFL tie-in comic with some kindness. I was in a full-on Marvel completist mode at the time it debuted, so I necessarily checked it out. I found that it was competently done, no less so than the myriad Spider-Man and Punisher books that littered the stands at the time, and it was drawn by a real hero of mine - Jose Delbo.

Jose Delbo

Delbo drew some dandy comics over the years for Dell and Gold Key and others. I first chanced upon his work on Charlton's Billy the Kid, and later noticed his professional line work at DC on things like Wonder Woman.

Jose Delbo & Dick Giordano

Delbo is one of those reliable pros who could tell a story with economy and skill, and who I'm guessing likely never missed a deadline. Seeing a guy like Delbo on any book is enough to make me give it a chance.

Was NFL Superpro a good comic book. Not really, but it was a diverting entertainment. I cannot imagine the "No Fun League" licensing such a project today.

Rip Off

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