Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monsters In Love!

Our story begins with bewildering news reports from across the ever-spinning globe.

The monster Reptisaurus is seen cavorting in the air over the simmering heat of the Equatorial desert while a similar monster is sighted in the snowy wastes of the frosty Arctic.

The monsters meet at last in Miami and mingle in ways which befuddle the minds of simple children who behold this natural wonder. Parents rush to protect their curious charges from knowing more about this cataclysmic conjunction, suspecting the shattering truth all along.

The monsters are merely mating, performing that which Mother Nature demands to extend and expand the species in all living creatures.

It's a monster miracle Morton!

This tale from the wide world of woo was brought to you in the pages of Reptisaurus #4 from the Derby company Charlton Comics. Reptisaurus is the comic title which continued the adventures of the movie-monster "Reptilicus".

I daresay this tale illustrated by Joe Sinnott and Vince Colletta might've been better suited to another comic from that company which was on the stands at the same time. "First Kiss" indeed!

Rip Off

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