Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simon Says Goodnight!

Farewell Joe.

The comics produced by Joe Simon and his sometime partner Jack Kirby are immensely significant to me. I just got home and read about his passing.

Joe Simon was a true giant in comics history. Not only for his long partnership with the great Jack Kirby, but for his contributions to comics beyond that, especially in business. That seems to have been Simon's real talent, an ability, akin to what Eisner brought, to see comics as a business and make some success there.

I get the sense sometimes that Simon might've rankled at living in Kirby's shadow most of the time, ironically like Kirby himself lived in the shadow of a later partner of his, Stan Lee. And most ironically enough both Simon and Kirby were bosses of Lee in the earliest days.

True comic fans know how important Joe Simon was to comics. He will be long remembered.

Goodnight and farewell Joe.

Rip Off

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