Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Last Of The Full Grown Concerts!

It's that wonderful time of the year when Webb Wilder fans gather in Bowling Green, Kentucky for Webb Fest. The band plays a fantastic concert in a really fine venue and fans are on hand for special goodness. I'm heading out later this morning to meet up with my daughter who is going to take in the Webb Fest VI festivities with me. Before tonight though, we have many a thing a do and it should be a very very fine day.

Here's a newer Webb song which is a bit softer than his classic stuff, but still a great tune.

And here's a more typical rockin' song.

UPDATE: It's after the concert as I write this, and it was another enjoyable year. The band was in fine form and the sets this year were very traditional with most of the classic tunes getting some airplay. The energy of the crowd did seem a bit down and the band seemed a bit weary by the evening's end, but I know I enjoyed the pure music as much as I ever have. Great seats and some wicked cupcakes!

Thanks to all who made it possible. See you next year!

Rip Off

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