Saturday, October 1, 2011

No Thing To Be Found!

Frankly I've always been a bit surprised that a really good DVD of the the classic Howard Hawks movie The Thing From Another World (officially my favorite sci-fi flick) has not come onto the market. The one that is available has been so for years and is a bare bones offering.

I own the movie a few times on VHS, getting a super cheap one ages ago back in the stone age of video, and then updating with a new black and white copy and the colorized version many years ago now. I've not gotten the DVD because I figured the week after I dropped a dime on it, they'd come out with a really cool version with all the fringe benefits. I'd love to hear a solid commentary on this movie.

Then I heard about the prequel that's due to be released to theaters about any time and I assumed that would be the launch date for a new version of the classic. But I cannot uncover it if it exists. I guess I'll just have to cave in at last and get the one that has been lounging on the racks all these years.


Rip Off


  1. I do not mind the colorized version of the movie. The B/W is the better way to watch it; but once in awhile if I watch the colorized version I see something I missed in the original. The Thing in the block of ice is more visible in color.

  2. The DVD includes a scene between Nikki (Maragaret Sheridan) and Hendry (Kenneth Tobey) not on the Nostalgia Merchant video (God, I miss that company. They were the the Criterion Collection of VHS), as well as "expanded" versions of several scenes.
    When TCM runs the film (as it will this Wednesday, October 5th, when John Carpenter co-hosts for the evening) they run the "expanded" version.
    Get the DVR warmed up!

  3. I'm like you Ernie, colorization doesn't bother me. I look at as another way to enjoy a movie. I prefer the B&W, but sometimes details pop in color that you miss otherwise.

    I've got some version with those extended scenes Britt. It adds a little bit, especially to the romance. Thanks for the heads up on TCM.

    Rip Off


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