Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tall In The Sattler!

Warren Sattler has stated in interviews that his Charlton years were among his most exciting in that he got to work in genres he was most excited about. While comic strips proved ultimately to be more reliably profitable, the Western genre was no longer a viable part of that environment. But at Charlton, the Western was in vogue still during the Bronze Age.

Sattler's work on Yang could be well be considered a Western, a major reason he was tapped for the job I'd reckon. But clearly his highest profile pure Western work for Charlton was Billy the Kid who he took over from Jose Delbo. Sattler's covers for Billy were especially keen.

Here are some original bits of artwork and the covers they became for Sattler's memorable run on the infamous Western character.

And here just for the pleasure of looking at them are five more of his best Billy covers.

Rip Off

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