Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gremlins In Derby!

Above is the cover by Joe Staton for the cover of Ghostly Tales #117. This has long been one of my favorite pieces by Staton, a dynamic cover with an arresting critter on the attack.

Here's the artwork for the cover of the comic.

This cover was done for a story written by Joe Molloy and drawn by the great Steve Ditko titled "Gremlin in the Cockpit".

What's ironic is that this story was apparently mostly destroyed in transit back from the engravers and was rescued by George Wildman who cut out the parts of Ditko's artwork not totally ruined. Those bits of classic Ditko art have shown up at auction.

See this link for more.

I guess it's only fitting that a story about destructive gremlins should suffer such a fate. It's a pity, but ironically valid somehow.

Rip Off

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