Thursday, August 11, 2011

The E-Man Reports Extra - Charlton Bullseye #1

Nicola Cuti by Joe Staton

Fan interest in Charlton was thriving as George Wildman and Nick Cuti along with some great new talent (Joe Staton, John Byrne, Wayne Howard, etc.) were quickening the sleepy Connecticut publisher with some great new titles. E-Man was at the head of the pack.

Al Milgrom

The CPL Gang (The CPL stands for "Contemporary Pictorial Literature") had already produced the Charlton Portfolio and now embarked on The Charlton Bullseye a magazine dedicated to the publications of Charlton exclusively.

Along with blurbs about upcoming Charlton comics, this magazine featured material on Charlton's 60's "Action Heroes", but paid special attention to the new stuff, especially E-Man.

Nick Cuti was interviewed in the first issue and we discover lots about his biography, his role as an editor, and about the goals of Charlton at the time. We also get some advance looks at big changes coming in the E-Man comic. Here is that interview along with the artwork by Joe Staton that showcased upcoming ghost hosts Baroness Von Bludd and Baron White-Shroud.

Here's a bit of artwork by Joe Staton and others. One Staton piece shows what Nova will look like in her superheroine mode which Cuti announced in the interview.

To read the complete issue of The Charlton Bullseye #1 online follow this random link.

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