Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wonder Woman In White!

It turned out to be something of a DC day for me. After I the movie Green Lantern, I was killing some time and visited the local Half Price Bookstore. I found a real trove, all four volumes of DC's Diana Prince, Wonder Woman in pristine shape. I have the first volume, and I've long wanted the remaining three, but the price of over sixty bucks for them was prohibitive. Paying fifteen bucks was much more in my wheelhouse and with that 75% discount I couldn't leave them behind. When I'll get around to reading these gems is anyone's guess, but I have them now.

This is the Wonder Woman of my youth really. While I knew of the Star-spangled classic version, by the time I was reading DC comics and most particularly the JLofA, Diana Prince had already renounced her heritage and had donned the white motif. I only ever picked up a few issues of her and I Ching battling the baddies, but they were memorable issues. By the time she returned to her classic form, I had already imprinted on her in her Emma Peel mode. So these volumes are stories by Mike Sekowsky, Denny O'Neil, Don Heck, and Dick Giordano I've long wanted to read...for the right price of course.

Rip Off


  1. Ah, the days when Mike Sekowsky was revamping WW (plus Supergirl and The Metal Men, making them all just FAB!)
    IIRC, he had Supergirl drop by Diana Prince's boutique for some new clothes during the Adventure Comics run.
    Since the cover for trade #2 shows WW's Lois Lane appearance, did they include the Adventure Comics cameo as well?
    (And the non-powered Wonder Woman played a critical role in the JLA #100-102 mega-crisis with the JLA, JSA, and Seven Soldiers of Victory! She defeated the story's villain, The Hand!)

  2. The Lois Lane story is included. I've not looked closely but the Adventure Comics story seems not to be. They have added two Brave and Bold Appearances as well as one World's Finest guest starring role.

    Rip Off


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