Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Death Of Dark Key!

The word is that the Gold Key revival at Dark Horse referred to by many of its devotees as "Dark Key" has been canceled after being plagued by delays in shipping. Here's a link some more details on the matter.

When Jim Shooter first revived the Gold Key characters Magnus, Doctor Solar, and Turok at Valiant in the early 90's he tapped into a wonderful magic that made those books compelling to read and collect.

Clearly the hope here was that Shooter and new artists could again tap that vein and quicken these vintage characters again. I'm not currently getting any new comics, so I stayed away from the Dark Key revival, though I have been interested from afar. Maybe there were too many veteran fans like myself.

I did think I'd dabble in the trades, but if these books are indeed already canceled then trades might not be in the offing. If that proves to be true, I'd imagine the books will become hotter on the back issue market.

It's too bad these characters cannot find a niche. Turok has found some success in modern comics and gaming, it's a solid brand if the creators don't wander too far from the core concept of Indians fighting dinosaurs in a rough and tumble prehistoric world.

While I didn't support it, I am sad to see the Dark Key experiment fail.

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