Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The White Viper!

Here's a book I need to get hold of. It features the last work of the late great Dick Giordano, and his last collaboration with fellow Charlton stalwart Frank McLaughlin. Here's what the solicitation says:

"Raised from birth in the martial arts as her people's defender and hero, a young girl survives an attack by a ruthless warlord to pioneer a revolution that must take back what is theirs by birthright."

To get a look at the online version of the story check out this link. This is a tad NSFW so tread carefully.

Though not quite as dynamic as their work from years ago, it seems still to have some of that same crisp magic that both Giordano and McLaughlin can deliver.

Here's a link to an interview with Frank McLaughlin about the project, and about his memories of working with Giordano at Charlton and elsewhere. There are even a few questions about Judomaster himself.

And here's a link to another McLaughlin interview, this one focuses on his past career with some wonderful Joe Gill and Steve Ditko anecdotes.

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