Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Last Of The Full-Grown Collections!

It's great to begin 2011 with the complete "Last of the Full-Grown Men". After this past Christmas and arrival of Hybrid Vigor under my tree, I've at long last gotten a complete Webb Wilder collection on CD.

I became a fan many many moons ago, back in the days before Compact Disks when cassettes ruled the waves, and I've played my meager three Webb Wilder cassettes to death over the decades. They've stood the strain well, and still deliver the music in my Escort which only has a cassette player in it.

A few years ago I found the band again and savored the new stuff they've created. Since then I've seen the Webb and boys live a number of times in some really good bars around the region. If you've not seen Webb Wilder and Beatnecks live, you need to do it. They are outstanding!

I've scarfed up every CD the band offers, all save Hybrid Vigor which is out of print. An excellent used copy completes my set. It's not unlike at long last finding that one comic book you've been looking for.










In addition to the CD collections there are two video products available and they are also well worth the attention. One is a recording of the band live and other showcases some mini dramas Webb, Jimmy and others did with film maker Steve Mims.

Webb Wilder is a great singer, fronting a great band. It's a joy to break out the music and let it roll.

For more info on Webb Wilder see this link.

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