Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Wayback Machine!

Yesterday I posted about Captain Z-Ro, a show in which a seasoned and learned adult takes his boy sidekick along with him on jaunts into the past to interact with famous figures from history and even sometimes become instrumental in the history itself. It reminded me of a classic favorite of mine, the Jay Ward creation of Mr.Peabody and his boy Sherman and their many adventures in the exquisitely named "WAYBAC Machine".

From Rocky and his Fiendish Friends #1 and the dark recesses of the internet come these twin tales of Mr.Peabody as he and Sherman take a little time trip.

And here's another tale about the invention of television no less.

Those are big fun, though not quite like the television cartoons. While Peabody and Sherman had to rely on their on twist on modern technology to visit the past, I think it's worthwhile to point that we all get to share a similar is somewhat less dramatic means of visiting olden times with this very device the internet. Finding treasures from the dim half-remembered days of yore can be as simple as Mr. Peabody saying "Sherman set the WAYBAC machine...".

We live in interesting times.

For good measure, here's an actual Peabody cartoon.

Rip Off


  1. I love how in print it says "WAY-BAC", like all those big computers from the 1950s. Very clever....

  2. Apparently that's the inspiration for the WAYBAC machine (I find different spellings for it). These are fun comics, though really they don't capture the full flavor of the cartoons.

    Rip Off

  3. My wife has the first three season of Bullwinkle on DVD....Sherman and Peabody are by far my favorite part...

  4. Just great stuff. It's fun to wonder who might have done the art. I love imagining one of the animators moonlighting.


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