Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Retro Robot Premiums!

If you want to pay way too much for a bunch of public domain movies, then you need to check out this link. The packaging is inspired, but even with those nifty robots I'd have to pass on these collections at those prices. Most of these movies can be had for free on the internet or for pennies in omnibus collections from a host of producers. I own several of them a few times over because they are included in so many cheap collections. The robots are really neat though.

Rip Off


  1. It is a very clever gimmick.
    I think they sourced a wholesale close-out deal and worked the packaging around it.
    Now if they had done more of a thematic grouping (ie Rocky Jones, Japanese StarMan, Rocketman, etc) I'd have been tempted to get at least one of the box sets.
    As it is, I was able to pick up the DVDs I wanted for 99c cents each in a bargain bin!
    Semi-related note: Last week, I bought the complete 1966 Ultraman box set (with both English & Japanese audiotracks) unopened for $4.99 at Best Buy!
    Look around! There are bargains to be had for yourself and Xmas presents for the like-minded!

  2. I agree on the groupings. All of the Starman movies would've been a great idea. As is, you'd have to spend $120 bucks on these sets to get the whole Starman saga. It's weak.

    As for bargains, I totally agree. I get movies on the cheap these days or not at all. I am looking at those recent Green Hornet releases, they tease me, but they've been too high all year.

    Rip Off


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